Energizing Springtime Energy!

Springtime! Would you like to connect with the creative energy that is bursting forth all around us in nature? What are you wanting to create with this fresh, energizing Springtime energy?

The beautiful colors of spring are bursting forth, the bright yellows of joyful daffodils and forsythia, the fresh pinks of tulips, the violet of the tender crocuses! And the fresh greens of the new leaves and grass. It\’s a great time to start something new! And it\’s a perfect time to connect with your creativity! What\’s an intention that you have for Spring? An idea or project that you would like to get started on? Or an area you would like to energize and bring a new energy and fresh perspective to?

Color Healing for a Vibrant Abundant Life Class is open for enrollment and starting soon. Learn to use the healing color to support you on your journey!


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