Love is…

What is love to you? Is it the unconditional love for your child, a tender love and caring for an elderly parent, a sisterly love for a best friend?

Or has love been tainted by heartbreak or betrayal? Or colored by loss and grief?

Deep unconditional love has no sorrowful energy attached. In this pure loving energy we can feel comforted, cared for, calm. It is blissful.

We can access this energy when we connect with the heart of our own inner Divine Self. When we clear away the heavy emotions from our past. Those that can sting us when we connect with a memory of the past hurt that is still living in our energy field.

When we release the past and connect with a more inspired energy this love makes our heart sing!

We can touch into this feeling in moments with loved ones, listening to a heart opening piece of music, in the quiet beauty of a rose garden.

Those are beautiful, treasured moments. But if the deeper hurts aren\’t healed, then they will resurface between those moments. The thorns of life, like those on a rose, can coexist amidst the beauty of the higher energies of love. But true Divine love will actually transform the trapped emotions so that they are changed into this higher energy of love.

With an open heart we can give and receive love, which is our true state of being. It transcends the drama and pain, transforming hurts into beautiful energy that comforts and nurtures.

The color pink is associated with these beautiful energies and qualities of unconditional love, gratitude, compassion, caring, creativity, beauty.

When we surround ourselves in this Divine pink light, we have access to the Divine energy of love. That is why when we see a pretty pink rose our hearts open and soften to beauty. We remember our true Divine nature, sourced in love.

Wishing you a beautiful Valentine\’s Day and every day, filled with this pink ray of LOVE Divine.

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