Releasing Creative Insecurity

Do you ever feel like there is something holding you back from expressing yourself in some creative way? Is it procrastination because there are other things taking your attention, or is it something else? Something deeper under the surface?

When creativity insecurity comes up in can show up as writer\’s block or feeling stuck in expressing ourselves in any creative way. The first key is stopping and looking at what you are wanting to express and what you are feeling. Is is frustration? Overwhelm? Lack of clarity or direction? Can\’t find the words, to say or write?

I love to see this trapped emotion come to the surface. It means that there is something important that wants to be birthed, expressed creatively, brought into manifestation. One of my clients had the intention to write a book that year. This trapped emotion came up as a blessing to heal and release what was in the way to the flow of creativity.

When we have a powerful, clear intention to write a book, or article, post, blog, we are starting to open this creative flow of energy. If there is an unresolved emotion from the past that is trapped in our energy field, it blocks our ability to find our voice. When we open this channel of inspiration we can connect more deeply into our own intuition and wisdom. And in writing or speaking we can feel more alive and also bless someone else who needs to hear our message. Are you wanting to feel this aliveness, this Joie de Vivre that comes from opening to that source of love and wisdom? What\’s in your heart that wants to come to life?

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