Vibrant Spring Energy and Creativity!

This Springtime energy has felt so joyful and exuberant! And in the quiet moments, the happiness has found me, for I left the door open, then invited her in. How are you allowing happiness in? Are you choosing to meditate to allow the quiet to sing love to you? Are you walking in the gently spring rain, and seeing the flowers in a new way? Are you raising your gaze to the sunshine and allowing the light to warm your face? Are you allowing the pink spring tulips, yellow daffodils, and violet purple crocuses to bring you happiness as you take in their sweet energy?

Spring can be embodied poetry to and from your Divine Presence, a dance from within to the outer world, and back again. A figure eight flow of love.

There is energy available to us when we connect with nature, calming and invigorating, which can ignite creativity to flow and express in beautiful ways. The light yellow greens and deeper emerald of Spring are bursting forth, as leaves unfold in the trees, leaves supporting the pretty flowers, and grass that is soft beneath our feet.

Enjoy the energy and beautiful colors of Spring!

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