Love and comfort offered to others from our inner light

I am sending you love and blessings during this holiday season. The many traditions share the love of light, and even though we are in winter with less hours of light in a day, we can access the Divine Light within us at any point in time.

When we show kindness to a loved one or a stranger in the supermarket, we are accessing this Divine light within us and extending our energy as comfort to others. I recently drove up the east coast with my daughter to help my Mom for a few weeks when she returned home after she spent six and a half weeks in hospitals and nursing rehab facilities, almost dying twice.

During those first weeks, from a distance, I was her advocate and kept the family informed of her day to day situation, partnered with other family members where we each did different things to support my Mom, keeping her home and pets cared for, visiting her when allowed, and staying in touch with each other to discuss next best actions and ways to comfort and support our Mom, and each other.

It was very healing on so many fronts, to be working together with my brothers, getting closer during the process as clear communication was important, and respect for each other\’s contributions. And closer with Mom as well.

By keeping extended family informed about the daily details, they could direct their energy toward a hopeful outcome, as a form of positive prayer, rather than towards worry.

A major thing that I witnessed was the importance of offering HOPE as a tangible energy. We can speak encouragement to others that can change a path of illness, fear and doubt into optimism and improving health. With LOVE at the core. When my Mom wasn\’t even sure she would be home by Thanksgiving, I cast a vision of her going home, my coming up to take care of her, and my daughter and I taking care of all the cooking for the holiday dinner.

Unwavering FAITH played a part here as well, in believing in her improving health. This unfolded also in the following weeks when I was planning and cooking her meals, and she was doubting that she would make and eat as many meals when I went home. By fine tuning her diet and making it easy for her to make nutritious meals, she was able to have the confidence to get back in the kitchen herself.

Gratitude played a part as well, as we thanked each other for the individual roles and tasks we each took on. It was a heartwarming dance of shared positive prayerful intentions.

Sending you LOVE and COMFORT as you face your own challenges. By making a decision to be there for ourselves or loved ones, we open the doors of our hearts to be of service in ways we weren\’t necessarily planning on. But being able to respond to the needs of the hour, and making choices that are life-affirming, we are expressing more light into the world, to brighten the long dark nights of winter, bring the white light of HOPE and OPTIMISM tinged with the pink of unconditional LOVE and GRATITUDE.

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