Changing Stress into JOY and Optimism!

When we are feeling stressed in any area of our lives it can affect other areas as well. I love learning new things but sometimes I fall into feeling overwhelmed or less than because I am out of my comfort zone, and in that focus to achieve some new goal, I can forget all the positive things I\’ve accomplished already.

This is when I remember to shift my energy into feeling more positive and optimistic again! I remind myself of things I have accomplished and done well, decreed some affirmation, put on inspirational music, look at beautiful flowers, get out into nature. Or dance and move in ways that awaken my body and puts me in such a better mood!

Learn how to change stressful emotions and feelings of overwhelm into positive energy and JOY! 

Today I got mirrored back to me from a friend the significance of what I love, live and share with others, he said to me,  \”Just like you do with your color and silks to help people with stress (my area of expertise), I can help take the stress off you in getting your next car (his area of expertise)\”.  

This is also a way to shift our energy. Get into our zone of genius, our area of expertise. Whether it is in business activities that we feel confident in or a favorite hobby that we enjoy engaging in, we are in a more empowered creative energy. From this place we can venture into other areas outside of our comfort zone, that tangible and mythical place where we feel at ease, yet within it is so often the longing to grow and experience new things!

It is from this place of happiness and joy that we are able to create what we truly want. And help others too.

Where have you felt out of your comfort zone? Feeling such anxiety and stress in your body that you go into addictive behaviors that don\’t support a healthy lifestyle or goals in fitness, health, financial or other areas of life. It\’s more than ok to have that slice of cake or enjoy that favorite dark chocolate while mini bingeing on Netflix. But when we are numbing ourselves down so that we can\’t feel the discomfort of our current situation, maybe not having enough money coming in for all the bills, or having an injury that makes it hard to exercise, and the pounds keep coming on or don\’t come off easily, or at all, that is the time to become aware of the patterns that we repeat in times of stress.

Anything that makes us feel less than, unworthy, anxious, stuck, upset, stressed is the cosmic warning sign that we are not alignment with our highest good and potential. Or put another way, if we aren\’t feeling good, that is our opportunity to heal what the thought or feeling is that is preventing us from feeling really good about ourselves and our life. This doesn\’t mean that the outer conditions have to change in that moment, but our emotions and perception of them can shift, allowing in the light and energy to move forward into greater happiness.

Going back to the car situation. My lease is up in a little over a month. My intuition guided me to start looking for my next car. One morning I went to the dealership for a recall that actually didn\’t need to be done on my car. Since I was already there, I decided to look at the car that I was interested in. I spent hours with the leasing manager, and drove a few cars. I wasn\’t feeling excited about what I saw, even though that was the car I thought I was going to get this time.

In my research, I decided to look at a different car from another manufacturer. It was so luxurious! And in a rich sapphire blue that brightened in the sunlight! I couldn\’t sleep and researched until the middle of the night! The next morning I felt the pressure to make a decision, since the car I was interested in was there on the lot now. I think I put undue pressure on myself, but I also think it was a my internal guidance that led me to that car. My friend, the expert in that field, negotiated a price and we met so that I could drive it again. I leased it that day! Yet still felt a bit anxious since it was a higher payment than I intended. So even though I was excited, I awoke as if with a hangover (no, I didn\’t drink!). I was still feeling anxious about the commitment.

So in light of what I have been saying here, I took my own advice and used color healing tools to change those doubts and fears into understanding and enthusiasm. I took an early morning walk to pass by my new car, sit in it and then take a walk listening to the birds, saying hello to a neighbor and his dog, and walking around a pond.

I made a decision that I would investigate my feelings of doubt and self-judgement. You know, where you beat yourself up with the should and shouldn\’ts. Well, I acknowledging that I needed a car soon anyway (only 400 miles left on lease that is up soon), and that I was truly guided to this one. I had seen ones like it on the road and always thought they were such a good looking car, and knew they were very safe and great quality.

I have spent many years honing my ability to follow and trust my guidance. This felt like I was guided. I also had the thought that there may be reasons to get it now that I am not even aware of in this moment. A few came up. I let them pass by noting them as possibilities. And followed my guidance and intuition, even when the doubts and fears came up. I also looked at this as an opportunity to increase my having level. Opening to receive more good things into my life, allowing my inner abundance to reflect in the outer in ways that support me, ie the comfort and luxury level, needed space to travel and do my business, safety (my car insurance actually came down because of the safety ratings!), and of course, beautiful color – a sapphire blue that sparkles in the sunlight! I am in my color healing blue phase for focus, action, confidence, and more. This was the opportunity to move past any limiting feelings into those qualities as well as joy, optimism and abundance!

Where in your life are you feeling stress, doubt, fear, anxiety, uncertainty, unworthiness, lack of clarity? Let me help, email me at Or let\’s have a private session.

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