Autumn Equinox and A New Energy

The last months I have been going through a shift that many of us have been experiencing. Recently I went on a road trip and retrieved some of my favorite books and other things that I had in storage in another state, and then downsized my local storage unit as well.

I am enjoying having my beautiful bookcase filled with my favorite books with me again. In the last few weeks I have spent many hours going through organized files from years ago, letting go and shredding lots that I didn\’t need anymore. And loving the inspiration that came from many pages of notes, and reminders of past accomplishments.

When I was feeling very tired, I realized that part of this fatigue was from traveling for a week to get the rest of my things from storage, then moving the other storage unit. But a lot was from bringing all that stuff into my home, with the energies from the past.

Physical objects, our possessions, can take on energy from our emotional states and the the energies of others in our environment. Even with things we may love, the circumstances from the past can taint our energetic relationship with those things.

If we had a favorite chair that was in a room where there were emotional interactions with a loved one that we no longer live with, just remembering where the chair used to be can bring up unhappy or unpleasant memories from the past. This is why it is important to clear the energy in our spaces, as well as heal the negative emotions that we are still carrying with us. And sometimes it takes letting go of that piece of furniture, or other objects, so that you can move forward in a new energy.

Each season is an opportunity to switch clothes in our closets, decor in our homes, and also the objects and energy that we want to support in our new now. What do you want to surround yourself with that brings you feelings of happiness and inspiration?

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