Pulling back the bow

Sometimes we need periods of time to pull back from certain aspects of our lives, or outer experiences so that we can go deeper within, to reassess what is important, for greater clarity or to recharge.

To pull back the bow so that our arrow, full of our intentions, can propel us forward with clarity and focus, to our dreams and what we want to achieve and experience.

Sometimes there are circumstances and situations that we need to bring more of our attention and energy to. Putting other things on hold, or realizing that some things aren\’t a priority anymore. At least in that moment.

And sometimes there are cycles where we are guided to do different things that we hadn\’t planned. But in the moment, we make a choice that we are going to help someone in need. For when our intention of our mission or purpose in life is to serve, to help others, then when others in need cross our path, we can choose to help.

Even if this wasn\’t in our conscious plan for the day, it becomes a new choice we are making in this adventure we call life. And even though it can feel draining at times, we must continue to take moments to recharge ourselves, so that we can be more present to others who ask for our support.

It is important not to view them and the challenging circumstances they find themselves in as less than. Rather, as we are offering support, it is the greatest gift to see them in a higher light, a higher version of themselves that is empowered and on a path of healing and wholeness. To help and support them to find the answers and solutions. This applies to ourselves as well!

We want to add strength and courage to their energy, so they can find it within themselves. And when they are so distraught they feel they can\’t go on anymore, show them the hero\’s path of going deep within the hurts and betrayals, from the pain and despair, to see that the emotions coming to the surface are wanting to be healed, transformed into an energy they can use to support them in creating the life that they want, rather than the life they find themselves in that they don\’t want. To help them remember that they are not a victim, but have an opportunity to heal old traumas and emotions attached to experiences. For once these records of the past are transformed and healed, they no longer live in our energy field, or manifest as painful emotions.

The key is to have an intention, a vision, even just one emotional state they would prefer to feel, that can propel you to the next step, the next better thought.

As I was supporting family members this summer, I can recall a time when I offered some possibilities that opened the thoughts to see things differently, in a more positive light. It was hope that was offered, that tangible energy of hope, where all possibilities exist. The energy of pure potential. Hope leads to clarity, then inspiration. Then inspired action.

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