Envision a Loving World

How\’s everyone feeling? How was your week? I want to acknowledge the events that have been happening in the US, and the emotions that have surfaced in many, fears of the violence, anger and outrage at injustices, and the sadness and grief over loss of life, and inhumanity. I have friends that were experiencing the riots and violence in their cities, sometimes even seeing if from their windows. And were asking for prayers. I saw posts filled with lots of anguish and pain. And saw lots of people praying and trying to find a way through what they were feeling.

We are each on a personal Path as we feel and experience our way through life And we are also connected to others.

I honor whatever you and others are feeling. And what I am feeling as well. I believe our emotions color our lives with meaning and are our guides. And can up be lifted.

As I am writing this, I am hearing the words from a fav song, Granted, by Josh Groban.

\”…Nothing\’s as it seems till it all falls apart.

And maybe our brightest days still wait for us, in the unknown.

If you have a dream, go chase it.

If you feel hope, don\’t waste it.

If you find love, embrace it,

And never take a single breath for granted,

The story\’s yours go write it, tomorrow\’s undecided.

Our days are counted on this planet,

Never take a single breath for granted….\”

(There\’s more to the song, you can find it on YouTube).
This song upifts me and makes me feel hopeful)

As old systems are being exposed, we have a chance and responsibility to create anew from what we see and feel is not of the highest vision we have of what our lives and world can be. We can create the world we envision.

So what emotions came up for you and what would you like to transform them to, in creating Heaven on Earth?

Sadness and grief to compassion… confusion to understanding….fear to love….there is so much that we can do.

Sending love and hope to all.

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