Praying for Peace

Today let\’s pray for peace by going deep within ourselves to connect with our infinite wisdom of the yellow ray with the pink ray of unconditional love, visualizing this as a beautiful peach lotus.

The lotus is often a symbol of enlightenment, associated with the peace of the Buddha. Visualize the highest outcome in our communities as peaceful protests are being usurped by opportunists using this as an excuse for violence expressing the untransmuted darkness.

We are the lightbearers, the ones who have come to heal the shadowed places within ourselves and then to shine our light brilliantly. As these lower vibrating patterns of energy are being exposed across the world, they are coming to the light to be transmuted into a more beautiful expression of love and peace.

So we can be of great service by going within our heart to that overflowing fountain of Divine unconditional LOVE, adding to it the golden ray of Illumination, bringing understanding to all who are burdened with negativity, raising to the higher vibration of Peace.

Please add your prayers, thoughts, feelings or challenges in the comments below, so that we can support each other on this path of healing and peace.

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