Nurturing Ourselves with Soft Pinks and the Love of Angels.

Through these uncertain times, if you are feeling anxiety, fear or sadness, allow the soft pink colors to nurture and support you. Connect with your heart. Meditation on the heart allows us to attune to our true Divine nature. This can be done by sitting quietly and allow your breath to slow. Allow yourself to relax and feel calm, quiet. Visualize a soft pink light around you.

Very soft pinks are of a more subtle vibration, there\’s a lightness and gentleness to this energy. Pink mangano calcite is a crystal that carries this comforting energy. It is layers of milky white and very light pink. It is my favorite. Ahhh, I can breathe easier when I am holding it, or gazing upon is as a large sphere sits in front of me on my desk. I also have it in heart shapes, reminding me of how their energy can help heal hurts that have become emotional energy that has been blocking the flow of LOVE from our hearts.

I feel immersed in this pink ray today, and I invite Archangel Chamuel and his Divine feminine counterpart Archeia Charity to surround me with the Divine qualities that they embody, unconditional love, comfort and compassion. You can call to them too, they are here to help us by standing in our energy, reinforcing those Divine qualities until we can feel this loving energy, as our own vibration rises. You can tell when you feel a lightness, a calmness. And then a happy feeling bubbles up. This is the joy that feeling this love brings.

This is a reminder to give ourselves the compassion that we often extend to others. Are there current situations that bring up feeling an ache in your heart that prevents you from being present, unable to feel loving, that brings up memories of grief or sadness? Those emotions block us from extending compassion or kindness to ourselves or others. And gets in the way of connecting to others in a way that is supportive. We have to support ourselves first. Mediation on the heart is the best place to begin.

So I call to Archangels Chamuel and Charity and their Angels to support you in this pink ray of Love Divine. Open your heart and allow this Love to heal your own hurts and then emanate this Love outward to all in need. A loving world begins with us. And I truly believe that when we are immersed in feeling loving, and allowing it to emanate outward, it allows more of this energy to be available to those in need. The Angels can assist us as we ask them to take this light and energy of love, compassion and comfort out to the world. They may never know your name, or see your face, but there may be someone who is feeling at a very low point in their life, and it will lift their mood. And possibly even save a life.

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