Shared Moments That Get Sweeter With Time

Wishing you all a beautiful day on A Path of Beauty. On Sunday my best friend\’s Mom passed away while he was holding her in his arms saying I love you. She was 92 and had lived a long, good life. I am grateful to have know her. The last time I talked with her was on the phone several weeks ago and she said, Hi Dear, how are you? It was a rare lucid moment in these last months of her making the transition to another plane of existence, and not being so present in her physical body. I loved when she called me dear, it was truly endearing to me. We\’ve spent time doing puzzles together, often with my daughter visiting with us as well. Even though I loved putting together puzzles as a young child, it\’s not my favorite past-time these days, but it was a special time together with friends that are family. What\’s a memory that you have made recently with the people you have been home sheltering in place with, that at the time may have been a passing moment or a really fun time, that will become sweeter as time goes on? Hug who you can, and remember hugs from the past until you can hug again, cherishing all the little moments that add up to a rich, sweet life.

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