May Day Blessings! Enjoy the lightness of being, opening up to the energy of JOY!

Wishing all MAY DAY Blessings! Enjoy the lightness of being of Spring! I have happy memories of dancing the Maypole with my kids holding the colored ribbons, weaving them as we to danced to the music and happy songs at the beautiful Waldorf kindergarten property in Keene, NH, and celebrating the day with our community! Go outside if you can and enjoy some spring flowers!

Enjoy the feelings of happiness and dance your joy!

We can connect with this joyful energy wherever we are now. It is all about allowing ourselves to do something that brings us joy. It can be moving and dancing to our favorite, upbeat song, I like to do this every morning! It is about laughing with a loved one! I used to say I would try to make my kids laugh every day, even if as teenagers they were rolling their eyes at me! Now we love to share laughter, even if it\’s through texting something that tickled our funny bone, which often happens to me late at night when I am trying to put the phone down! Or sharing something from our week that we both can laugh about. It really can be that simple.

If you are feeling low energy, it may feel hard in that moment to feel joy. The shift begins with an awareness of how you are feeling now, acknowledging it, maybe even indulging yourself by going back under the covers for a bit. Getting quiet, still, resting. Sometimes we really do just need more rest. Then choosing to get up, and go do something, get into motion! Find something that can change the channel of your emotions. Music always helps me, or taking a walk in nature. Getting back into a project that gives feeling the accomplishment. But it\’s more than the activity. It is the energy that we bring to what we are doing. And eating healthy food that supports us in feeling more energetic.

Joy can also be quiet appreciation that bubbles over into enthusiasm!

Take time for JOY, to create from our inner reservoir of vibrant life energy! We may have to nurture ourselves to have more energy through sleep, healthy food, or meaningful activities. We do have choices we can make every day that give us opportunities to feel joyful. Start with appreciating what is right before you, what is right within you. Enjoy this moment, and create joy!

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