Connect with the Energy of Spring and New Beginnings

Spring is here with a creative, life-affirming energy! It is a time of new beginnings. Many of the seeds may still be underneath the ground, but they are ready to burst forth in their perfect timing. The same is true for us.

This is a time to go deeper within, to connect with our Divine Self, our creative, intuitive Presence. As we meditate on the color emerald green and all the verdant greens in early Spring, we can attune to the vibration of healing and abundance.

We are currently living in a world that is undergoing major transformation. Every time we hear the news and fear comes to the surface, we can turn that energy into a new, positive creative expression. This can be optimism, enthusiasm and more! For as we change the emotion with the help of violet, the energetic color of transmutation and change, we can also add new colors to our vision of what is possible. What do you want to create?

At times I have been bursting with creativity. I go deep into projects that inspire me. I am focused in the present moment on what I am engaging with. There are feelings of accomplishment and happiness in the process. And sometimes the energy moves me to dance around in joy to favorite music. And it has been so uplifting to listen to some of my favorite singers who are also staying home, wherever they live in the world, and are doing live home concerts on social media to share their gifts with us. To keep their creativity flowing.

I feel anxiety when I disconnect from my Divine Presence and get out of alignment with the part of me that is full of possibilities and potential, and also aligned with purpose and goodness. I think this can be true for all of us.

And sometimes, when we feel tired, or start to lose hope, that is the beacon to remind us that it is time to rest and rejuvenate. This can be achieved through sleep and meditation, or by engaging in a creative activity that we feel excited about. This can brighten our energy and shift our point of view. And of course, being in nature is the ultimate in its ability to refresh and us with calm and peacefulness. And reinvigorate us. Nature in all its beauty can do this for us. Spring greens sing new life, yellow forsythia and daffodils shout optimism, and the pink cherry blossoms or white Bradford pear trees burst forth Nature\’s gentle beauty.

And it alls starts with being present to how we are feeling, and then how we would prefer to feel. It\’s important to not judge ourselves or make ourselves wrong. Our emotions are part of our humanity, and though varied and rich, uplifting or heartbreaking, they can lead us down very different paths if we don\’t watch where they are taking us. Choosing emotions that feel uplifting bring us back onto A Path of Beauty.

So now in our Springtime, we can access great rejuvenation and creativity. Even if we are staying home and sheltering in place, we can take a walk if we are able to, or retreat to a quiet place and meditate on an indoor orchid or uplifting image of a happy memory. If we can remove the resistance that comes from viewing our current situation as having limitations, we can see anew.

Rest, spend time with those you are able to, write, stretch, dance, paint, knit, crochet, sew, cook, build something, play with the kids, work on a new business idea, connect with those that inspire you, inspire others, do a creative project. Reflect on what is truly important. All the while enriching our lives to align with our deepest values. Enjoy Springtime. What do you want to create?

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