Happy Solstice!

Happy Solstice! As the seasons change from Spring to Summer, how will you enjoy this day?

I’ll be doing a yearly violet flame decree marathon that’s part of my spiritual path. A decree is an affirmation, using words with the power of the light behind them, which go forth from the Highest part of ourselves. That Divine Presence that is the doer in our lives if we open that door and allow it. To decree it so. They are charged words which are filled with light and goodness.

We are able to use the violet light for transmutation of lesser states of consciousness.That which no longer serves us. To take this same energy of God / Goddess / All That Is, that we have been given, which gives us Life, and strip the negativity and discordant energy to the purity at the center, then re-color that energy with a higher expression or Divine Quality such as Unconditional Love and Forgiveness.

What’s one thing that you would you like to change and transform in your life? Or what would you like to manifest in your life and would like to to use the violet ray to heal whatever is in the way? Usually we know what that is by seeing what comes up, what’s the resistance. 

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