Hope in a Time of Uncertainty

Hope in a time of uncertainty.  As we are \”sheltering in place\”, staying home as much as possible as our communities are shutting down places of social interactions, restaurants, stores, and even beaches, it is an opportunity for new possibilities….

And there are emotions of fear, anxiety and uncertainly coming up. When we feel these emotions, and our body gets tense or gets overwhelmed, we always have our breath to calm us.  And another breath. And another, slowly and gently breathing and relaxing more and more. This begins to take us our of stress mode.  And by consciously using color we can enhance our energy and shift from confusion to CLARITY and despair to HOPE. And INSPIRATION!  Envision a dazzling WHITE light surrounding you, it\’s full of potential and possibilities.

What\’s your INSPIRATION AND VISION for the world you want to live in? Now\’s the time, envision it. Feel it. And take a step towards it. You\’re there! It\’s in this NOW moment that you are able to choose a positive thought, an uplifting feeling. There is dazzling inspiration all around you. Starting from within. What do you envision, what do you see?

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