Transform fear into calm.

March is moving right along and fears are moving through personal emotions, households and countries.

There is common sense wisdom, such as washing hands thoroughly and staying out of crowds, but in the quiet of our own homes and hearts, sometimes fear comes to the surface, confusing and overwhelming us, bringing thoughts and feelings of things that we don\’t want to happen to the forefront of our minds and emotions.

What can we do at those times?  As always, our own breath is the greatest tool we have, it\’s right there, and with conscious choice and intention, we can breathe in slowly, deeply, deep into our belly.  No one has to notice, this is our true God given ability to calm ourselves in times of stress. 

As we take another slow, deep breathe, we can start to interrupt the fight, flight or freeze function of the amygdala part our brain that is instinctually trying to keep us safe.  Since there is probably not a tiger chasing us in that moment, we can de-escalate the perceived threat and realize that we are safe. 

As we continue to focus on our breath, we can now think more clearly, blood flow and energy is coming back to the front part of our brain, where we can think more clearly. The heart stops racing, we can feel calmer and thus have greater access to our intuition.  Heart and head working together.  For greater wisdom and ability to respond, responsibility.

If we can close our eyes, we can envision a violet light surrounding us.  Transforming the emotional energy pattern of fear into calm.  And calm then becomes clarity, which can then bring creativity, and intuition, and possibly even responsible wise action.  It all starts with a deep calming breath.  

Surround yourself in the violet purple colors of early Spring, the sweet pansies. And then the pink tulips and all the wonderful healing greens.

In times of stress, go outside and take the time to connect with nature, allow the beauty of nature calm and nurture you.  Releasing stress with each step and each breath.  Pausing at times to feel the breeze on your cheek, the sun in your eyes, the warm on your arm.  Feel the calming of your emotions, the quieting of your thoughts.  Find the happiness that comes from being present right here, right now.  And from this happiness  feel the gratitude for all the good in your life, all the good in the world.  Connect with that, and send forth good, hopeful thoughts for those in need of healing and peace.

Wishing you peace and calm, moment to moment, day to day.

Wishing the world the healing it needs as we travel together through life.

Wishing you a beautiful day!


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