Keeping Our Hearts Open

We are living in unprecedented times. Yet on a personal level, many of us, if not most of us, have been through major challenges within our own lives or that of our families or friends, that have affected us deeply. When we have gone through those experiences, we have had to go deeper within ourselves to find the comfort, the solace, the peace. Sometimes we could, and sometimes we were grateful to have a hand to hold, a friend to listen.

Now is a time when we have an opportunity to go deeper within. And to reach out to a loved one, even if we can\’t in person, we can by phone or through our prayers.

Now is a time for quiet, or for joyful movement. It is a time to open our hearts in gratitude for all we do have, in this moment. A time to feel when our hearts may need some protection, when feeling overwhelmed with emotions of sadness or grief. Allow yourself to pray for comfort at those times, or to reach out and ask for comfort. This allows someone else to open their heart and extend the love and compassion, the empathy.

And when we are feeling strong, we can reach out to give comfort to others. We are all connected, in varying degrees outwardly, but energetically we are part of a Divine woven tapestry of energy, a wholeness, a Oneness. When we pray for a loved one, or a stranger, we are really sending out a prayer for anyone in need. For Love is an energy, a vibration that reverberates throughout the Cosmos. Touching every living thing. It is connected to the greater Love. Unconditional. Pure. Harmonious. Kind.

In some moments we are the sender of Love, in others, the receiver. Or so it seems. Because we are always connected to this infinite stream of Love. We may close it off, in apparent protection of our heart. Or open it more as we grieve, or feel anything deeply.

As we consciously connect to this unending current of Divine Love, we can visualize ourselves surrounded in an exquisitely beautiful PINK light. Allow it in, to comfort and nurture. To fill our hearts and every cell of our being. For this is the greatest thing we can do for our immunity. From viruses, or suffering, or hardships of any kind.

And from this love we can then be guided to offer kind words to someone that\’s lonely, or guided to take that supplement to support our physical immune system, or to eat that nourishing food, or laugh at a funny image someone has shared to lighten the heaviness.

Love comes to us and from us in many forms. That is the creative nature of Love. Open to it, feel it, share it, receive it, give it, dance in it, sing in it, paint, draw, knit, crochet, weave. Visualize a beautiful world. A healthy world. A kind world. And in that moment, it is. Love.

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