Feeling Our Way to Happiness Through the Details of What Surrounds Us

We all want to have a better life. As grateful as we are for the life we have now, we are always aspiring for something more. This is a good thing for it keeps us energized and excited about creating new experiences! Even if we are wanting things like a new home, car, or trip, or sofa, teapot or new dress, they are experiences because our interaction with them makes us feel a certain way. I recently moved and am so happy and grateful when I get up in the morning and go from room to room throughout my day. I allow the joy to bubble up and I am dancing more, especially as I start the day, to get my energy moving with positive emotions.

They say that happiness is a precursor to success. I agree. If we feel really down in our energy and emotions, feeling discouraged and hopeless, sad and depressed, then that is the energy we are creating and attracting from. It becomes a circle, because the harder it is to manifest the more discouraged we can become.

We can practice feeling better every day, until it becomes a habit to shift from negative thinking to more uplifting thoughts which make us feel better. Consciously breathing, taking several slow deep breaths, will begin the process to interrupt the negative thoughts. Do this while reciting an affirmation that you have created that resonates with you. Repeat it again and again until you can feel a shift in your energy.

How do you want to feel? Every day do more of what brings you that feeling. And then consciously and mindfully be present, noticing your ability be in a positive energy, taking in the experience. The more you do this with random moments though the day, you will build an escrow of gratitude and good feelings. It only takes seconds to be aware in the moment. Look up from your desk to see the blue sky and be happy its a sunny day. Or enjoy the sound of the rain, and the cocoon you feel on a gray day. Glance at the pretty orchid on the table as you are making breakfast, and then the contentment to be holding your favorite mug. I love my smooth celadon colored porcelain plates and cups. And the three turquoise ceramic bowls on my counter. Actually I revel in all the details in my surroundings. It is part of living A Path of Beauty.

I surround myself with things that I love. It has been fun unpacking plates and pictures, cookware and crystals. I had been downsizing for years and had given away or sold a lot, keeping my favorite things. Much had been in storage for awhile so it was fun having them around me again, in new settings. I was also excited showing my daughter the new stainless steel pot I bought with the glass cover and measurements on the inside. And she enjoyed noticing my new turquoise spatula and towels.

When we get stuck in an old energy that no longer serves us and weighs us down, that is the perfect time to make some changes. They can be small at first, giving away a few pieces of clothing that are \’tired\’, and buy that one new top in a color that makes you smile.

It can be taking a walk just to see that fuschia hibiscus along the sidewalk in front of your neighbor\’s house (yes, I am in Florida while I write this). Or a walk on the freshly fallen snow in your backyard, looking at the sparkling icicles on the bare maple branches (sweet memories of white winters in New England where I am from). My favorite winter month was January, blanketed with whiteness and a quiet joy. The kids were home from school because of the snow, and the air was crisp outside and warn inside by the wood stove. The sky would be so blue as I looked at the beauty outside. When we live fully in the present moment the memories come alive with a richness. What are you noticing today in your world that is brightening your energy?

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