Wishing you a Christmas and Holiday Season filled with Peace, Love and Joy!

Wishing you a Christmas and Holiday Season filled with peace, love and joy! 

In the spirit of LOVE, I call to the Angels to Surround you in peaceful energy and fill your heart with love overflowing!

When we make time in the midst of the busy-ness and festivities of the season to get quiet, look at the lights that are all around us, we can access the true light from within. The outer is a reflection of what is within us.  That is why it is so significant to surround ourselves with beauty. 

My favorite Christmas song is O Holy Night (as an adult my favorite version is by John Denver. When he hits those high notes by heart sings! Josh Groban has a beautiful version as well, how could he not,lol?). I love listening to beautiful music to uplift my mood and fill me with the Divine Light that is always there but sometime weighed down and burning a little low). This is a wonderful way to lift our mood and recharge our energy!

Whether you are spending quiet time yourself, or surrounded by a houseful of relatives, enjoy the quiet joy of the season! And call to the Angels to surround you with their love and light! They are here to co-create with us, adding their brilliance to ours, to uplift and renew the spirit of hope and joy within us. 

Wishing you a  beautiful holiday filled with beauty, love and light! On A Path of Beauty! Love, Anna

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