Gratitude Opens the Heart of Giver And Receiver

This is the time of year when the focus is on gratitude. When we are grateful our hearts can open, which allows us to not only give, but also to receive. I used to write in my day planner every day, \”Giving is receiving and receiving is giving.\” It is a circle of energy, flowing in and flowing out. When we allow this flow, then we are powerful creators of loving kindness. What are you wanting to create through the power of this circle of gratitude?

We feel good when we are feeling appreciative towards someone or something. I am grateful to be cooking Thanksgiving dinner with my daughter and to be able to share with our guests, friends and family. This is our tradition, and makes me very happy. Happiness, another gift from gratitude.

What if we are feeling low, depressed, sad? I recently felt a heavy, exhausted energy. So what did I do? I called my brother to reach out to be encouraging to someone else. He was also feeling this way after a challenging week. As we talked I changed the subject from the things that made us feel low energy to focusing on what we were in the midst of creating or positive ideas of things we wanted to create. This started shifting the energy. Then my brother became very animated and excited.

The next morning I received a message that he had already been outside taking an early morning walk, was rearranging the furniture in his home, and setting up an area for a project that makes him happy!

I also woke up feeling happier. Gratitude starts from within and when shared, it keeps the energy flowing, returning to us. What are you grateful for?

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