How\’s your year starting off? I love Januarys as a time to refocus on what we are wanting to create for the New Year. I live in Florida now, but I grew up in New England and spent most of my life there. January was my favorite winter month.  I loved the white blanket of snow on the ground.  The excitement and busy-ness of the holidays were over.  It\’s a quiet time.  A time of reflections on the past year and what\’s still in our hearts to create in a new year. I  loved when the kids were home for snow days.  I can still remember looking out the window and feeling the peacefulness of all that whiteness.  And the freshness of the air, yes cold, but so invigorating. I breathe in deeply just recalling the scene. 

This time of year also brings in feelings of Hope.  Hopefulness means full of the possibilities and potentials of what we can create in this new year.  We are wanting clarity on next steps to create a life that we want to enjoy living.  Then we set our intentions for what we want to create.  A next project. A new business endeavor.  A state of being.  How we want to feel.  

This all describes the first step in my color healing system.  WHITE.  Its all about inspiration, hopefulness, clarity, intentions and possibilities! 

What are you inspired and hopeful for in the new year?

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