MAY and a Mother\’s Sweet Happiness

HAPPY MAY! Wishing you happy May Days filled with beautiful spring flowers and a renewed sense of purpose and energy. Mother Nature as well as our own Mothers are to be valued and cherished at this time of year. Nature gives us the gift in early spring of crocuses, daffodils, tulips. In May the lilacs and irises burst forth giving us the rare treat of violet flowers that speak spring happiness. I used to search out the lilacs so I could bring them in and fill my home with that glorious scent which is like no other! And a few years ago when visiting the National Arboretum in DC, a friend and I went searching, smelling each lilac bush in a large grove until we could find the one that had the last heavenly scent! Then we stood there bent over, eyes closed, sniffing in the lilac perfume until we could smell it no more! Ahhh, to savor such memories. And violets and pansies! Those sweet little faces of violet, deep purple, ruby, white and yellow.

I no longer live in a climate that supports lilacs or irises, so in driving my daughter to the airport yesterday as she travels up north, we talk in terms of what flowers she can see. And smell, if truly fortunate. We have a friend that she will visit who will take her to all the hidden special gardens, like the one in the woods where just a week ago the daffodils bloomed in full glory under the dogwood and magnolia trees. Just as she had experienced as a child, she may be able to journey to that magical place and stand amidst the yellows happy blossoms, feeling her own joy bubble up! Mine does just remembering!

To what special garden or place do you go to fully experience nature and feel your own happiness?

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