Wishing you a Beautiful Mother\’s Day!

The true essence of being a Mother is touching the heart of the Divine Mother within ourselves and expressing that Love here on earth. This is also true for each of us. The Love that is in our own heart comes from the Divine Feminine, as qualities of unconditional love and devotion. This can be expressed through sharing of wisdom, encouragement, support, joy, happiness, and more.

Where in you life do you feel loved, supported, encouraged, joyful, happy?

We often look outside of ourselves for love, support and encouragement and then can feel unsupported and discouraged if our needs aren\’t met. The greatest gift is when we can find them from within, from the Divine Mother, for this begins the ability to be open to receive. When we aren\’t open to receive we are blocking the flow of love. By acknowledging this Divine Love and energy, we can then allow it to come through us and express as true love and happiness, which can then be shared with others, which is at the heart of mothering. Then we can allow ourselves to be nurtured, from ourselves, and from others.

Let us express our gratitude and love for all Mothers, whether they are here with us in person, at a distance, or have returned to the Heavenly realms. And as Mothers, let us enjoy our children and all whom we are blessed to love.

Wishing all a beautiful Mother\’s Day!

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