What does abundance mean to you? Does it mean having lots of money, a beautiful home, family, ability to travel where you would like, feeling peaceful, having, good health and wellbeing?

How are you feeling in the areas of love, relationships, finances, work, play, health?

Is there an area where you would like to feel better? Or manifest something different?

How are you feeling today?

Are you feeling happy, content, motivated, excited, hopeful, joyful? Or are your feeling stressed and weighed down?

Did you know that how you are feeling is a major indicator for what is in balance or out of balance in your life? Your feelings can bring you the awareness of what you don\’t want. This awareness can then guide you to what you do want. Or you may already know what you want and it hasn\’t shown up in your life yet and you are feeling frustrated or discouraged.

Desiring to be in a positive energy of feeling good does not mean you don\’t sometimes feel stressed or frustrated or sad. It is allowing yourself to experience your feelings and then decide what those feelings are telling you. Is your sadness telling you how much you loved spending time with someone who is no longer in your life? You can take that feeling of sadness and turn it into a feeling of love and gratitude for the times you did enjoy together. And then think of all the people in your life now that you enjoy spending time with. Or it could be telling you that you would like to make some new friends, or do some new activities, or call an old friend that you haven\’t talked to in awhile.

We are all made up of thoughts, feelings, physical bodies, experiences. And all of that is energy at its core. And we also have the ability to consciously choose how we want to think and feel. What we want to believe. What meaning we have placed on feelings we are having or what is happening in our lives.

If we are having a reaction to something that is happening, then we can ask ourselves, what is this telling me about myself? Am I taking something personally that is really all about how another person is feeling, even if some negativity is directed towards us? We really do have a choice in how we respond. We can meet their negativity with kindness and compassion, or we can get defensive and even negative back.

What triggers us is a blessing in disguise. Yes, I know, it doesn\’t always feel that way. I can attest to that. But what I have learned is that if we use our feelings as information, we can then decide how we would prefer to feel. Or maybe it is motivating us to take that next step, move to a different place, be it down the road or in another city across the country, or world! Anything is possible. Or bring more peace and beauty to exactly where we live and work now.

We can allow ourselves to feel the anger that comes in response to some injustice. But then what are we going to do next? We can use this to take a positive action that can help the situation. We can get quiet and calm and shift our energy into one of peacefulness and compassion. Doing this is actually the best thing to do first. Because then from that calm, poised place we can change our whole energy field from within us and this will radiate outward, affecting what can be possible. We can then make choices that continue to support us in creating the life we want rather than just reacting to what we don\’t want.

So how are you feeling right now? Is there anything you would like to change? If so, that is an exciting place to be because your now have the conscious awareness that you do have the power to make a new choice, to give energy to a new preference.

Wishing you a beautiful day feeling as wonderful as you will allow yourself to be!

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