Valentine\’s Day Love All Year Long

Wishing all a beautiful Valentine\’s Day Love on February 14 and all year long! Pink is the color that we associate with love. This is because the energy of the heart is pink, associated with Archangels Chamuel and Charity. They embody the energy of unconditional love, compassion, empathy, beauty and creativity. Creativity is using our ability to make something, not just physical objects but also kind, loving thoughts and feelings. It is the creative power of the universe, and of our Divine Self.

We can call to Archangels Chamuel and Charity to stand in our energy field, helping us to reinforce this loving, kind, compassionate energy so that we have reserves to use for ourselves and expressing towards others. And as we emanate this energy, others will feel it without us having to \”do\” anything. We will embody this energy, meaning our energy will be so filled with this pink loving energy that it can overflow outward.

Where in your life are you creating loving, kind, compassionate thoughts and sending out an energy of compassion and caring? Are you starting with yourself? Being kind to yourself when feeling stress or overwhelm? Being kind to others when feeling stressed or triggered?

One way to stay in an energy of loving kindness is to take a few gentle slow breaths when feeling stressed. Close your eyes if you can, and imagine a soft pink color around your heart. Then expand this pink to your throat area as a reminder to speak kind, supportive words to others, and to your head area as a reminder to think kind thoughts to yourself and others. Come back to your heart and imagine this pink light as a fountain that continues to overflow with unlimited loving, kind, compassionate energy that we can use at any time.

Kindness is remembering that you or others may be going through challenging experiences and surrounding yourself in pink loving energy is a way to support yourself in being mindful through your day. To come back to your heart area and experience the pink loving energy that is available to you at any time.

Our breath is a powerful tool to synch the heart and the brain. The HearthMath Institute has shown that when we breath slowing and consciously then this synchronizes our heart and then our brain waves to reduce stress. Learn more here at Heartmath Instititute and download their free ebook on the science of the heart.

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