JOY for the holidays! Give the Gift of COLOR, BEAUTY and HEALING!

We all want more joy in our lives, and may sometimes ask ourselves what that is, especially during the stress and busyness of this time of year.  JOY is an energy that we can feel. It is taking time to breathe, and watch as a friend dresses up like an elf and her husband like Santa Clause, to greet their daughter and her friends at the airport after her first semester at college, lol! Really just saw them all on Facebook, the connector of many.  But social apps like Facebook can also bring sadness to come to the surface if we aren\’t with our loved ones, or we are in the midst of physical pain and don\’t feel joyful, or even happy, or worse, suffering.

There is a way through. It is allowing yourself to first feel what you are feeling, then slowly, gently, find something to make you smile, or even laugh.  This softens the edges of the harshness of grief, of pain, of separation.  Allow yourself to be gentle on yourself. That is the most important gift that you can bestow upon yourself right now.

Another way is to turn it around.  Thinking, I feel sad that my loved one, person or pet,  isn\’t here, has passed away, gone to Heaven, can be turned into, my sadness is telling me how much I love them. I enjoyed spending time together, laughing, cooking, sitting, standing, being together.  This can shift the heavy energy of grief or sadness into the love that exists in the memory of them, and will always exist.  Then the love can open your heart to an energy of a  buoyant sense of JOY.  From this place you can take one small action that can brighten your day further.  Make a call to a friend who would appreciate hearing your voice, and thank them for being in your life.  Or put on a song and dance around the house singing loudly.  Or read an inspirational book or watch a Hallmark Holiday movie!

Is there someone on your holiday list who is hard to buy for, or who would like a gift filled with the energy of joy and love?  Created by hand and heart with an energy that can uplift and soothe.  That can surround you or them with a soft, gentle energy that nurtures. Or energizes.  Then consider an Anna Champagne Silks color healing, energy-infused, rose petal soft, silk scarf or shawl as a gift.

Give the gift of COLOR, BEAUTY AND HEALING!  SHOP Holiday Gift Boutique of Anna Champagne Silks Color Healing Silks, hand painted and hand-dyed, beautiful healing colors and healing energy!

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