Wishing All a Beautiful Christmas! And a Beautiful Holiday Season!

I am wishing all a beautiful Christmas!  And a beautiful holiday season!  In the spirit of LOVE and giving and receiving, I call to the Angels to Bless all with love, healing, wisdom, compassion, caring, protection, and so much more! I give thanks for the Archangels and their Angels as they Bless us each day.  When we pray and call for their assistance, they are in our aura, in our energy field, emanating the specific Divine quality and expression of God/Goddess.  Our own energy can be reinforced with their energy of Love, Wisdom, Healing, Protection and more, so that all of us can feel this incredible LOVE radiating throughout our our bodies.  We can then consciously direct where the beautiful energy can go, or we can just radiate this energy to bless all life.  There are circles within circles of giving and receiving.  As we open our own hearts to receive the Divine Love from God/Goddess, we give thanks and the circle begins again. Then we can color and express this Love in myriad ways as a form of giving to release this beautiful energy into the world in each person\’s unique ways.

Sending Angel Blessings and LOVE to all for a beautiful Christmas and Holiday season!

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