My UN-Black Friday Color Healing Silks Specials!

Black Friday is here and since I am all about color I decided to create something vibrant and inspiring for you!  My UN-Black Friday Color Healing Silks Specials!

I wanted to share this with you since I am only offering this for a few days. Or until the silks in my shop are all sold, if sooner!  Since I paint each scarf one-at-a-time with dyes, and hand-dye them, they carry the energy of the maker.  A real person. Me!  I\’m telling you this not to give my ego the credit but to share why it\’s important for you. You see, in this world of mass produced products, something that is handmade can carry an energy of the person making it, an energy that you can feel and experience, and greatly benefit from.

People have been making quality objects by hand for centuries.  An expression of their expertise, education, craftsmanship and LOVE!  At least that is what I do, I pray in and imbue each scarf with loving energy that I call color healing.  Healing meaning changing old patterns in your energy field hat no longer serves into patterns of energy that vibrate and express beautiful qualities of love, compassion, focus, wisdom.  By being in the presence of these energies we can allow our own bodies to resonate to these new higher frequencies.  This can translate into our feeling better, calmer, clearer, happier, more focused, and more!

Would you like to wear and surround yourself in a scarf that can make you feel this way? And give gifts that make your loved ones feel happier, calmer, clearer, in beautiful colors?  Color can have a positive effect on people\’s energy and my color healing silk scarves are supercharged with loving, healing, uplifting energy.  WOW! Exciting!  People can feel the difference!  And they are silky soft to the touch as well.  I have had people over and over again tell me how much better they feel when they wear them.  Experience the energy yourself!


Have a beautiful, colorful day!

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