Allow the gentleness of LOVE to express through you.

Expressing love in gentle ways is really a powerful gift. To ourself and to others. Kind words and loving energy offered to someone is one of the greatest things we can do for another.  I believe that every kind thought, word, and action is then added to a greater energy that is available to all.  When someone is feeling sad, lonely, or grieving,  the more they are surrounded by positive, loving energy can help make those feelings more available.  Even if they are not nearby or in our physical presence, they can be surrounded by the energy of our blessings.  And truly a blessing it is, for we all have those feelings at times, and knowing that someone cares is often the first  chink in the armor of pain.  We may not realize that by being in emotional suffering we are creating an armor around ourselves that makes it harder to feel positive.

When we are surrounded by loving thoughts and the recipient of kind actions, we can open the door a crack to feel the love that is always available to us.  And there is no specific time that is needed to  thaw and open to love.  A stranger in the grocery store who looks us in the eye, smiles, and really sees us in that moment, can penetrate through our deepest wounds to our own loving heart.  We can remember that we are not alone and that we are cared for.  And that seemingly simple experience can remind us of other moments like it.  This creates momentum to more and more better feelings.  We each have the power to add more love to this world, one smile, kind word, or gesture.  It really does begin with us.  To open ourselves to let in another\’s kindness is not only a gift to ourself but to the other person.

I used to write in my day planner every day as a reminder, \”Giving is receiving and receiving is giving.\”  It was always easier for me to give to others, it was harder to receive.  This is true for many people. When we are honest with how we are feeling, we can give another person an opportunity to care.  Some people may be surrounded by people who are judgemental or unkind. We can give them this chance by first modeling kindness, showing them that expressing love unconditionally is a valuable thing. Then being open to receive. This energy of Love from source, from God, is always there.  This sets in motion love to be offered, and when we receive it, it makes the other person feel good to0, and adds to the greater good.  And brings a little more Heaven to Earth.

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