Valentine\’s Day to Remind Us of the Love Within

Valentine\’s Day is here to remind us of the Love within.  It\’s a time to express and share this love with others. And ourselves. For some it can be hard to express their deepest feelings of love and appreciation for their family and friends, co-workers, or people that come into their lives.  For others they can get caught up in the necessities of life and feel too busy to stop and smell the roses.  Or the harshness of life, of loss, grief, sadness, depression can block the love from coming in and going out.

First we need to make the connection to our own loving heart. Take a few deep breaths now, slowly breathing in and gently releasing the breath. And again. And again.  Close your eyes and think of a time when you felt happy, loving, peaceful.  Take another deep breath. How do you feel in your body as you think these thoughts and feel those emotions.  Feel the love. Allow the peace to relax your body. Let the joy in and smile.  Visualize yourself surrounded in pink light, emanating out from your heart, which is connected to and filled from the unlimited source of love. Feel this love softening the hard edges of any hurts and sadness from the past that may come to the surface.

The feeling of love has to start from within us. How do we treat ourselves moment to moment, day to day?  Do we allow self-judgements and doubt to weigh us down? Do we allow the energies of others to affect us, feeling their bad moods or unkindness and taking things personally when it is really their issues, not ours?  This is really important.  First we connect to our own Divine Presence, our own essence of love and kindness, wisdom and strength, faith and beauty. As we immerse ourselves in these beautiful energies, we can feel safe to open our hearts fully and radiate this love outwards.  This love then becomes the shield and the gift to ourselves and others.

As we connect with the love that is always there, we can allow this love to emanate from our heart, a pink ray of Love Divine, encircling us and then radiating this love out to all .  Then we can create heaven on earth on A Path of Beauty!

Have a beautiful day in the Pink Ray of Love Divine!

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