Give a gift of BEAUTY, COLOR AND HEALING, Color Healing Silks for Holiday Giving

I hope you are enjoying this holiday season!  I love the magical white and colored lights. And the Christmas Angels.  I feel joyful and peaceful in their Presence, and I invite you to call them forth as well!  Wishing you Joy, Peace, and Love!

Give a gift of BEAUTY, COLOR AND HEALING. Surround a loved one (or yourself!) in a beautiful silk scarf or shawl in healing colors and high vibrational energy. Feel the love!

I hand paint each multi-colored silk scarf one at-a-time with dyes. There is a powerful energy infused in each silk as I create and paint them, with my loving intentions and calling forth the energy of the Angels. Also, silk has the highest vibration of fibers, and the pure colors carry a specific vibration as well. You can feel the energy!

\”Anna’s high-quality vibrant color healing silks are highly recommended for any use from meditation to empowerment to fashion. Silk is the most powerful medium for the transcendent colors and healing prayers she puts into each handmade gem. You can ask her which colors would be right for you to increase confidence or calm for example, wellness or wisdom, peace or prosperity, or just browse the beautiful online store and see which one calls to you.\”
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I would love to help you choose the perfect COLOR HEALING SILK SCARF OR SHAWL for yourself or your loved ones. Call me at 941-993-0633 or email me at And receive my holiday discount of FREE SHIPPING off your holiday shopping and gift giving of hand painted silks. Coupon code HOLIDAYSILKSALE will be automatically applied at checkout.
\”When I saw Anna\’s work on her website,, I recognized the opportunity to be impacted by silk and color more deeply. This is because the scarves carry the most nurturing, sensual and uplifting beauty.  But, also, I felt that the artist behind the scarves was ardently dedicated to their beauty and their raw adorning power to heal.\” MH, NY

I look forward to hearing from you as you journey on A Path of Beauty.

Enjoy the magical holiday season on A Path of Beauty!

Love, Anna

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