I am happy to say I have extended the Anna Champagne Silks Sale through November 30!   Receive 15% off your total order at my online store. 

I hand paint each multi colored silk scarf with dyes, or dye them in a dyebath for the solid color silks. Give a gift of beauty, color and healing, handmade with LOVE and kissed by Angels!

\”Anna’s high-quality vibrant color healing silks are highly recommended for any use from meditation to empowerment to fashion. Silk is the most powerful medium for the transcendent colors and healing prayers she puts into each handmade gem. You can ask her which colors would be right for you to increase confidence or calm for example, wellness or wisdom, peace or prosperity, or just browse the beautiful online store and see which one calls to you.\”

Please call for a free healing color consultation, I would love to help you choose the perfect COLOR HEALING SILK scarf or shawl for yourself or your loved ones. Call me at 941-993-0633 or email me at And receive my gratitude discount of 15% off all your holiday shopping and gift giving.

Do you know about the healing power of color? Click on the link for my article on color healing and healing chart of colors. Color Healing with the Rays of Light, Using Color and Divine Wisdom to Enrich Our Lives  AND Healing Chart of Colors and Divine Spiritual Qualities.

Who in your life would love to be surrounded by a beautiful silk scarf or shawl in healing colors and high vibrational energy? That can assist and support them in bringing in and accessing more love, joy, clarity, faith and other divine qualities?

Blue – for protection, focus, faith, calm, communication, power
Yellow – wisdom, illumination, joy, understanding
Pink – love, creativity, compassion
White – purity, clarity, hope, harmony
Green- healing, truth, abundance
Ruby- deep transmutation, laser beam of love, peace
Violet- transmutation, freedom
Turquoise- harmony, calming

For Your Shopping of Anna Champagne Silk Scarves and Shawls
For 15% Off Use Coupon Code GRATITUDE at check out
Through November 30!

If you would like help choosing  the colors for a gift for your loved ones, including yourself, please email or call and I will assist you in finding the perfect silk scarf or shawl. Email or call 941-993-0633.

I look forward to hearing from you as you journey on A Path of Beauty.

Enjoy the magical holiday season on A Path of Beauty!

Love, Anna

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