Happy Thanksgiving and Gratitude Discount for Anna Champagne Silks – Major Sale Extended through November 30!

Happy Thanksgiving!  In gratitude for being able to do what I love to do, helping others by bringing beauty and healing through my Anna Champagne Silks hand painted silks I would like to offer you a gratitude discount of 15% off your holiday shopping!

Hand painted one-at-a-time or hand-dyed in high-quality vibrant healing colors, highly recommended for any use from meditation to empowerment to fashion. Silk is the most powerful medium for the transcendent colors and healing prayers I put into each handmade gem. You can ask me which colors would be right for you to increase confidence or calm for example, wellness or wisdom, peace or prosperity, or just browse the beautiful online store to see which one calls to you. 

For Your Shopping of Anna Champagne Silk Scarves and Shawls
For 15% Off Use Coupon Code GRATITUDE at check out
Thanksgiving Day November 23 EXTENDED through THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 30, 2017!

If you would like help choosing  the colors for a gift for your loved ones, including yourself, please email or call and I will assist you in finding the perfect silk scarf or shawl.

Not sure which to choose?  Get a Gift Certificate for silks or healing sessions.

Email anna@annachampagnesilks.com or call 941-993-0633.

Testimonials/What people are saying ….

“I love to meditate in my Anna Champagne Silk Meditation blanket, my comfort cocoon, as I like to call it. It gives me a feeling of security and warmth, like a big cosmic hug. It gives my physical body such a comfort, making it easier to meditate, I feel so comfortable and relaxed. The excellent quality and heavy weight of the silk blanket gives me energetic protection, like a force field, that makes me feel good. Like a butterfly emerging from a cocoon, there is total transformation allowing me to transcend into the Divine. And the really beautiful spiritual colors add a plus to my meditations. The higher chakra colors, turquoise greens, blues and violet, help to create a higher vibration making it conducive to accessing more subtle energies.”

Jeffrey Roberts, DC, Chiropractor and long time meditator

“As I tried several of Anna\’s silk scarves of varying color patterns, they each felt different to me.  The one I chose felt not only soft, light, and cloud-like, but also had a relaxing, \”ahhhh\” feeling tone.  It brings out my happy feelings, as if it\’s spectrum of the rainbow is reinforcing my own alignment with spirit.  I wear it with jeans, as well as my dressier clothes.  Honestly, we are “friends.\”  

Pamela St John, NC

“Greetings, Anna. Thank you so much for your beautiful spirit and healing energy.  I feel wrapped in love and healing vibration when I wear your gorgeous silks. Whenever I feel a bit unsure of things I put on your scarves and immediately feel like I am receiving a loving hug! \”

       Elizabeth D.,  Sarasota, FL

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