Gorgeous Summer!

Hope you are enjoying summer! The flowers are gorgeous!

I spent a late afternoon recently in a sweet summer garden behind the Ropes Mansion in Salem, MA.  I love the architecture of this historic house, with beautifully detailed fence with regal finials atop the vertical posts. The birds were chirping and singing in this magical garden as I walk through the green archway and first see the soft pinks and yellows of the lilies.  It is dusk and the sky is softening to soft yellows, blues and greys.  The tall spikes of delphinium and foxglove are swaying gently.

Summer in New England is quietly glorious.   I walk slowly on the grassy paths between the beds, and come upon cornflowers, each with a different pattern and color combination.  I smell a rose on a trellis and feel quietly content. The clouds are deepening into a violet grey while the edges in the light are kissed blush peachy pink. Sweetness.

I also visited happy pink petunias in pink flower boxes, and phlox, snapdragons and begonias singing their own shades of  pinks tinged purple to orange, bordered by a wall created stone by stone. And all the many greens leaves, in differing shape, size and color, complimenting their attached flowers. A kindred community enjoying the summer together.

I am truly living and walking on A Path of Beauty, and I invite you to join me wherever you find a green path or a bed of flowers.

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