Happiness is…

What is happiness to you?  It is summer so happiness for me is being in beautiful gardens with vibrant flowers. It is spending time with family and friends.  And being at the beach.  But the places, relationships or activities in our lives don\’t automatically translate into happiness.  We can we unhappy in any situation.  Outer experiences can provide fertile ground that spark our happiness, but true happiness comes from within us.  At the core of all suffering is a disconnect from our Divine connection with God/Goddess/All That Is/ Source/ Universe, whatever you chose to call it.  There are many ways to make this connection. Some do it through their religious or spiritual traditions or rituals, some through beauty in the natural experiencing beauty in the nature, in gardens, forests or near oceans, lakes, streams, through meditation, dance,  prayer.  Whatever opens our hearts to the Love that is at the very core of who we are, and that connects us to the greater Love.

I invite you to reflect on what nourishes your connection with the Divine, and do more of those activities. And take a few deep conscious breaths, and feel your body in this moment.  How are you feeling in your body, what are your thoughts, what are you feeling in your emotions?  If there are things that feel uncomfortable or distressing, being outside in nature is a great way to harmonize and calm the mind and emotions, and ground the body.  Earthing is a word coined to describe what happens when we physically make contact with the earth, and the tangible affect upon us.

Sit on the grass under a tree, take off socks and shoes, put your feet on the ground, even lay down.  Allow the earth to support you, as it is our physical home.  And take a few deep breaths deep into your belly and allow the air and the life force energy to come up through your solar plexus up into your chest.  Then gently allow the breath to release and take the next breath.  With each new breath, allow yourself to let go of worries and concerns, allow your body to release any  physical discomfort. Allow yourself to feel peaceful, being present in your surroundings, feeling the grass under your feet, seeing the boughs of the tree above you, covered in green leaves.  Allow the emeralds and greens of nature to calm and nurture, and let in this healing energy.

Summer is a great time to enjoy being in nature.  If enjoying a flower in a beautiful garden, allow yourself to really look, breathing in the color in front of you.  If it is yellow, like a golden rose, allow that color to access the joy within you.  If is orange like the featured flower, feel your own creative spirit. Allow the soft pinks of peonies or roses to allow you to open your heart to nurture yourself first, feeling a quiet happiness inside, then after drinking this in, go share it by being that love in the world.  Take that state of being with you, and be the love.  There really is nothing greater you can do for yourselves or others.  It really does begin with you. With me, with all of us.  Have a beautiful day of true happiness.  In loving service, Anna

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