Celebrating Freedom and Heavenly Scent Roses

Hope you had an fun and relaxing 4th of July!  I enjoyed the day on A Path of Beauty in gardens in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Walking through the rose covered archways at the historic Governor John Langdon House Museum at dust was truly magical!  I met a sweet young couple. She was in a pretty white dress with peach and coral flowers on it, a perfect picture amidst the beautiful roses. We laughed in the joy of it all as I took lots of pictures of them as the birds sang their evening songs. And earlier in the day I was drinking in the heavenly scent of a light pink rose. This was at Strawberry Banke, in another magical garden, which beckoned to us through an arbor enveloped in green leaves.  It seems rare these days to find scented roses so I closed my eyes and breathed it in over and over  and over again.

Celebrations are an expression of happiness.  But past memories that are not so happy can surface and intrude upon our thoughts and  emotions and we then we repeat those feelings again, triggering more. Then in the moment we are reliving something that we thought was in the past.  True freedom is healing from past and present hurts and traumas.  Independence to be the person that we want to be, choosing how we think and feel.  But it seems like we often don\’t choose what comes up.  If we can change our viewpoint and see that any time we are not feeling the way we want, or life circumstances keep repeating, attracting similar people or situations, then the past is still present in our body.

There are ways to change the patterns. Learn more.

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