Celebrate Summer with Color and Beauty!

Celebrate Summer with Color and Beauty!

Summer is here, and I am enjoying it with my family and friends in New England, as well as time alone. As I visit gardens in the summer, I feel such happiness and joy, drinking in the colors of the flowers and feeing their energy. I flit from flower to flower, like a happy child in summertime. When I am in a garden this childlike joy returns, seeming never to have left. There are no thoughts of anything but the present moment. Smiling, laughing I go joyfully from flower to flower, drinking in the beauty, as I watch the bees drink in the nectar.

Pink peonies and roses open my heart, softening the edges of any hurts or discouragements, and bringing in unconditional Love. The gardens seem especially bright as they have waited through long winters to share their exquisite beauty. Just as we may have experienced emotional hurts, the unconditional gifts of the flowers reminds us that we are truly loved. There is an Angel / Deva expanding their love through each petal and through the sweet scent of an old rose, or delicate iris.

The flowers are expressions of the incarnate beauty of the Angels, singing the joy, love and happiness of heavenly places. When we really see a flower, we are invited to experience the poetry that speaks to our feelings of good memories and happy times.  I visited a friend\’s magical garden. I leaned in to hear the whisper of poetry from the white and pink peonies, a romance with my Divine essence. Layers of petals share the wisdom of unconditional love. Their brief time of blooming in the garden is a precious and uplifting.


The gentle nature of a pansy beams happiness in their little individual faces.  The delphiniums surprise us with deep blues and violets, standing tall and regal. The delphiniums were almost as tall as me and ready to walk with out the nearby garden gate!


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