Happy May Day! Spring is truly here! A single white peony was the first to grace us with its pristine beauty, amongst many that would open soon. The bright fuchsia and orange azaleas were glowing in the forest, as I walked a path of beauty at the Washington, DC National Arboretum this week.  Absolutely radiant!   The sweet pansies are happy, with their smiling faces in yellow, violet, purple, rose, and white.  Roses were starting to blossom. We went in search of the magical scent of lilacs in a field full of green leafed bushes, only to breathe in the final waning sweet scent on the last blossom, grateful yet wanting more of the full richness enticed from memory of grand bouquets! And a cluster of three huge rhododendron bushes created an immense wall of big yet delicate flowers blushing violet pink. I wanted to remain with these flower friends, to live there forever! They made me so happy to be in their presence! I invite you to find your joy in springtime nature.  I found mine.


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