For those of us that love the earth and her exquisite beauty in flowers and trees, every day is Earth Day! As we enjoy the exuberant Springtime energy, let us be grateful for the green leaves that have appeared almost magically and the expanses of new green grass. And oh, the joys of the flowers! The pink azaleas and white dogwood blossoms here are singing sweet songs. The regal roses are arriving. And to see the peonies in ruffly white, pink with some yellow or the deep ruby purple ones, my heart sings!

We are part of this ecosystem of nature. And our emotions and thoughts contribute to the inherent beauty and energy that surrounds us, that we can see and feel, and nature can support us with healing energy as well.

Feeling stressed or lacking attention to complete your tasks? When you are able, put aside the concerns, go outside, and look upon and feel some blessing of nature. Even if it is a tiny flower just opening or a majestic tree, look with the eyes of your Highest Self, take a gentle deep breath, and gently gaze at what is before you. Then as you take a few more conscious breaths, relax even more into the feeling that everything is well, that you are part of this great Earth. Send blessings to nature and nature will respond in kind. For the energy that you send out will come back to you. In this moment. Enjoy this moment, and each one after it, feeling the support of the Earth under your feet to the expanse of blue sky above you, and everything in between! Feel the energy of the Earth!  Have a beautiful day!

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