Have a Beautiful, Happy Mother\’s Day!

HAPPY MOTHER\’S DAY! Wishing all Mothers and anyone with an open heart who nurtures and cares, a beautiful day! This is a day to acknowledge those beautiful souls who express unconditional love. Who use the path of mothering to learn more about themselves in this world, and their relationship to others.  To feel with compassion what another is going through, and to support them in ways that allow growth, healing and learning.  To use their offspring, or their patients, as fertile ground to love and care. Kindness is a gift to others, as is listening, sharing, being there in a positive light.  That is the way of the Mother.  The concept of Divine Mother is unconditionally loving.  Inspiring us to be the best selves that we can be.  And Mother Nature nourishes all of us with a bounty of food, oxygen and beauty.  Let us use this day as a reminder to love in ways that are healthy and respectful of self first, then others.  Loving kindness begins with the connection to our own heart connected to the Divine Heart.  Have a beautiful day, and show the Mothers in your life that you care.

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