A golden flower sang to me…

Wishing all a beautiful day! What’s a fav place that you enjoy in the summer?

This was last summer at the Shelburne Farms Inn house and garden tour. This lovely golden yellow dipladenia sang to me!

Beautiful afternoon after some high winds came through. I thought it was a garden tour and was surprised when we spent so much time going through the house, and my impatience to get outside into the garden rose as it got darker and windier outside! We finally got outside as the winds were picking up dramatically!

The group leader called everyone to follow her inside but I stayed outside, braving the winds, photographing as much as I could. Then I reluctantly went inside as it started to rain.

The tour ended with tea and cakes and it was only then that I learned that we could enjoy the grounds for the rest of what turned out to be a lovely, sunny afternoon!

I first photographed this dear plant in high winds, which made it dance around! Later it regained its poise and looked so lovely, all the while at one with nature.

We can also be at one with nature when we allow beauty to move us, to hear the song that comes from the very essence of the flower, to enjoy the lovely colors and shape of the petals and leaves. This allows us to feel harmonious, peaceful, and joyful!

Use golden yellow to transform frustration, anxiety, uncertainty and fear into peacefulness, joy, understanding and wisdom. Sunshine and laughter, and as Emerson wrote, \”The Earth laughs in flowers.\”

Wishing you this harmony and peacefulness as you enjoy the beautiful flowers of summer. What\’s a favorite place and flower that brings you joy?

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