Celebrating FREEDOM!

Wishing all a safe and fun July 4th holiday weekend in the US! July 1 in Canada! It may be different from previous years, fireworks are cancelled here and in many other places, other plans may have changed, but the flame of Freedom is still bursting forth in violet purple blues and purple pinks! Let\’s celebrate freedoms that we are grateful for, what\’s yours on your path of Freedom?

It may be celebrated in the outer life, but true Freedom comes from within. It is being free of past karma and emotional patterns and traumas, hurts that keep us fearful, sad or angry. Habitual reactions that come out when something triggers us. The path of freedom is one in which we take full responsibility for our lives, and heal what\’s holding us back from that joyful, loving energy, free to express the love and joy in our hearts.

Where do you feel like something is holding you back? How would you rather feel? What would make you ecstatically happy? Quietly joyful?

As we strengthen our connection to what excites us and gets our energy flowing, we may hit a block and not realize what it is. If we pay attention, we may hear a little voice say, what\’s the point, no matter what I do, I can\’t see to get ahead or change this situation, or, I never can achieve my goals, or I\’m feeling angry and frustrated because I am trying really hard and still things aren\’t changing. Any of these sound familiar? Or what are the thoughts and accompanying down feelings? Unworthiness, worthlessness, helplessness, hopelessness, feeling like a victim of circumstance. These are the clues that there are energetic patterns that we can free up the energy that we are putting into these beliefs and emotions, and put it towards empowering, uplifting thoughts.

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