What brings you JOY?

What brings you JOY?

Are you creating your life from a place of JOY?

There\’s exuberant jump up for JOY when you receive positive life changing news!  And the quiet beaming of JOY, like the moment my daughter and son were born.  There\’s the JOY of moving and dancing with a sense of freedom.  There\’s the JOY of bringing JOY to someone else, when our happiness just spills over! There\’s the JOY of helping your client reach a deep aha awareness and seeing this JOY bubble up to the surface as their smile brightens the room!

Many times as we are living our \”adult\” lives, we can lose that spark of joy that makes life colorful and happy. Where are you feeling heavy or burdened in your life? Where do you feel stuck and unclear in your direction in life? What\’s your passion and purpose? And why does this matter?

When we are living in alignment with what brings us that satisfying feeling of joy, we have energy to get up in the morning, happy to greet the day. Excited to share our gifts with the world, to make a difference in someone\’s life. And receiving that positive energy back to us in many abundant ways, including vibrant health and wealth that allows us to fulfill our dreams and responsibilities.

What are you doing each day to allow more JOY into your life? What are you choosing that supports you in feeling this unbridled happiness that sings from deep within? Wishing you joyful moments each day that string together like pearls, bringing sunshine to your life and those that you meet. Allow the yellow ray of wisdom, discernment and joy to brighten your day, going forward starting in this moment! Enjoy! In JOY!

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