How are you feeling about your hopes and dreams?

What\’s the garden of your life looking like? Colorful and happy? Or overgrown with weeds and dull? I\’ve been blessed to have traveled all summer, working too, as life for me is woven together, surrounded by beautiful flowers in magical gardens, photographing all this beauty, and for me to re-experience the happiness and share all this with you. The life I am living and creating day by day is color, beauty, and healing on A Path Of Beauty. Joyful, happy, inspired.

Creating a life you love, that speaks to your deepest joys, starts with clarity and intention. You have to know what you want, how you want to live. And for most of us, this has been done through contrast, of knowing what we don\’t want to point us in the direction of what we do want. Or experiencing what we do want and having that joyful inner aha that says, I love this! I want more of this!

What makes your heart sing a happy song of joy and contentment?

For me, years ago, I decided that I wanted to spend time in beautiful gardens, traveling to beautiful places, historic towns with homes that embody classical design. Or cities with botanical gardens or magical private side gardens like in the romantic city of Charleston. And flowers, always flowers! For the colors and energy bring me such joy! And expansive, joy inspiring blue skies.

Now this intention and decision is woven into everything I do. Creating the life I love!

This summer has been a transitional time for me, from moving out and leaving behind house and separate studio that were the right places for that time as I moved from one state to another 800 miles away. Back to a city that I had lived in for many years. It was also a time of deep healing. So then the time came to let go of what no longer served the best version of myself and the greater vision for my life! And move forward!

I moved my things to local storage, and downsized things that I still had in storage in the other state. I did healing sessions for wonderful friends new and old that graced me with their openness and friendship. I sold silks that graced the wearers with an energy that supports them in how they want to feel, instilling joy! I shared about health and wellness. I met wonderful new friends as we enjoyed blueberry picking and wonderful conversation in their kitchens and gardens. I swam in lakes with mountain vistas that inspire. I drove through valleys with fields and farms, that made my heart sing, surrounded by majestic mountains. I cast my gaze upon oceans that were deep blue with coastal paths of fuchsia pink flowers and orange rose hips amidst the green leaves and thorns.

At times I felt disconnected from the positive life I was creating back home. But I soon realized that this was okay because I was living fully present. It\’s all a healing and growing journey. I am stepping fully into my exciting next chapter. Our lives may be marked and punctuated with experiences that challenge or nurture us, but it is all one life. That is why I live A Path of Beauty! For we are all on a journey through life. Stepping each moment into the now of the present then into the next present moment. Weaving a trail of our unique life experiences and feelings. How are you journeying through life? What are you wanting to manifest? And how do you want to feel along the way?

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