Healing Color


   “I have discovered, in the past few years, how powerful color is to uplift me.  Discovering silk has been such a delight.  When I saw Anna’s work on her website, Anna Champagne Silks, I recognized the opportunity to be impacted by silk and color more deeply. This is because the scarves carry the most nurturing, sensual and uplifting beauty.  But, also, I felt that the artist behind the scarves was ardently dedicated to their beauty and their raw adorning power to heal.

    I was very moved to receive three gorgeous silk scarves in three colors:  turquoise, violet and pink! Each one is very alive and vibrant and so very pretty.  The length I chose is a smaller size, that I wrap around my neck.  I wear them daily; they instantly remind me of my own gentle nature;the color lifts and brings forward my inner shine.  Pink is different than blue and blue from violet.  The turquoise is very much at home on me any time.  The Pink is precious and innocent.  The violet is for a depth of focus that I wear on days of rare achievement when that color supports my focus.   All are delicious and lovely.  I am delighted and filled to the brim with Anna’s silks!  You are a very special artist and healer.  Thank you Anna! “