Color Healing Summer Meditation Retreat

I just offered a week-long SUMMER MEDITATION retreat. Each day we focused on a different color with associated qualities that allow for greater calm, peacefulness and connection with our Divine Presence. This is the antidote to all the stresses we feel as we go through our daily lives.

Summer is the time of year that we enjoy spending time in and around water, at the beach, swimming in the ocean, lake, stream or pool. It connects us with our flowing emotional nature to be in water, and allows for greater relaxation. And fun!

When we consciously choose the colors we wear, meditate on, and surround ourselves with, we can raise our vibration into higher energetic and emotional states. This means we feel better, light, more calm, inspired, peaceful, joyful.

How do you feel when you are swimming in emerald green, turquoise or blue waters? How do the blues in the sky feel as you breath in the expansive beauty?

We long for calm amidst stress and anxiety. For clarity and focus when we are feeling scattered and overwhelmed. For hopefulness when we are feeling discouraged. And more. So much more.

We want to feel happy. Summer reminds us of that we want to feel free and alive, relaxing at the beach or by the pool.

I invite you to take your own private oasis, and listen to the replays of the Color Healing Summer Retreat. Sign up here for limited time access.

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