Heal Stressful Emotions To Live A Vibrant Happy Life

Beauty, and a vibrant happy life are available to all who open their hearts and minds to see and feel.  When we have overwhelming, stressful or traumatic experiences that we aren\’t able to deal with at the time, these emotions can become embedded or trapped in our body and energy .  Then they become a filter through which we experience the world.

When we release these trapped emotions, like anger, anxiety, worry, hopelessness, unworthiness and more, we are able to free up more energy.  Then we can use this energy to live a more happy life, filled with clarity, purpose, peacefulness, love, and more. These life-affirming and positive qualities and feelings can then be expressed in our relationships with self and others, in business, in projects dear to our heart, in all that we do day to day, moment by moment.

Healing from the past can be a gentle, insightful process. Then we can breathe easier, connecting more with our innate wisdom, joy, love and abundance.  For each kind, compassionate, loving expression of goodness is felt in our own lives and in the world around us. Blessings for a beautiful day.  Want to heal these trapped emotions? Learn more here.

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