Use the vibrant colors of springtime for energy and motivation!

Welcome Spring! And vibrant energy and motivation!

We see the first signs of spring bursting forth around us, and feel a surge of energy within us.  We hear the birds twittering and the our own thoughts wanting to give voice to some new creation.  The grass is greening, the white and pink blossoms are singing on the trees. The white snowdrops and purple and yellow crocuses are pushing through the snow or thawing earth.The sap is running in the trees and this same pulsating life is surging within the children and the child within. 

You can feel the energy!  Projects that have been seeded are now ready to go to the next level. Now is the time for action.

What are you wanting to bring into creation?  The next bold step in business, giving voice to your deepest gifts of helping others, a painting that has been sketched into near existence, resources that can allow more choices, a trip to a beautiful spring garden, your dream home, a loving relationship, a healthy, vibrant self and family?  What are you passionate about?

Where are you resisting?  What is holding you back from taking that joyful next step?  What are you thinking about yourself that is suppressing the motivation that was arising?  What is causing your energy to drop and overpower your focus.

What whisper of a dream is wanting to sing itself into existence?

What inner song are you wanting to dance to? 

Color can support the healing and motivation within us.

Look around, the white snowdrops are reminding us of our pristine nature, the crystal clear ideas and pure thoughts of inspired goals and the hope that you an achieve them. And the sapphire blues of faith, focus and will as a call to action to achieve them. And the yellow forsythia flowers brighten the day!

The spring greens that are still tinged with yellow remind us of the wisdom that is a part of the creation. The color green heals us deeply from what is holding us back, and the emerald green bursts forth abundance from the seeds of our deepest dreams.

The ruby tinged buds defy any possibility that is hindering their opening to the light. The bright purple pink blossoms on the trees are calling to be seen. 

Surround yourself in a silk scarf of fuchsia pinks to banish your invisibility and allow you be seen in all your beauty.  Heal the hurts and express your truth in emerald greens. Focusing on the abundance that flourishes in myriad greens that we see everywhere. Nature reminds us with color of our innate ability to heal, grow and flourish.

Trapped emotions like fear or grief can block our vitality and the energy needed to take action.  Feeling triggered by repeating thoughts limiting your ability to take right action? Come experience a healing session where we will release trapped emotions, allowing the clarity and motivation to return. And then we\’ll choose a silk scarf for you to wear in colors that support your joyous next steps.  Learn more…Spring Special Healing Session and Silk!

Schedule Now  Spring For Vibrant Energy and Healing Color!

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