Let Us Call Forth Wisdom

Let those of us who need a reprise from the intense situations in our personal lives, or as we are viewing, and possibly reacting to the politics and injustices in the world, to come back to our true center and Divine nature, by reflecting on beauty. Let us take a deep breath in and gently let it go, and reflect on this beautiful golden yellow rose.

There are times that we need to take action in response to injustice, but let us do it as calmly and as centered as we can, in calm poise, so that we are not trying to solve negativity by feeding it with more negativity and darkness.

Let us allow the beliefs and karmic patterns in our lives to rise to the surface, just as it is on a planetary scale, to be looked at, and by whatever means we can best use, to heal and grow in the process.

And to hold a vision of Peace and a Golden Age to come.

Let us call forth the Angels of Archangels Jophiel and Christine to bring us wisdom on the golden ray of Illumination.

I AM holding a vision of Peace and Wisdom.

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